Our Business

We have two distinct, yet overlapping, core lines of business:

Learning Networks
The Learning Networks division addresses the “learning digital divide” and primarily focuses on small and mid-sized businesses, non-profits, as well as disadvantaged workers who do not have the technology resources of larger companies and are being left behind in terms of the eLearning revolution.

Training and Simulation
This division focuses on the defence and aerospace industry. We provide highly specialized, high performance, tactical training for military and civilian working in complex environments and high-risk situations. This includes custom courseware development and virtual simulation training.

Bluedrop has helped disadvantaged workers in developing countries to get the skills they need to contribute to their communities; entrepreneurs to succeed and grow; small businesses to be more productive; governments to boost their economies; foundations and non-profits to flourish; and military personnel to perform at their very best.

We bring the same rigorous approach and high standards to every single project.

Across the board, our clients know us to be strategic, collaborative and creative problem solvers. We identify the challenge and we work together to find a solution.

Our mission is to make professional learning more interactive, dynamic, intuitive, and accessible.

When we help improve safety on a military aircraft, a small business to get ahead, or enable a nurse to give better patient care – our goal is always the same: to improve human potential and performance.